Winter Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Anyone planning for a baby shower this winter?

How exciting is that! Winter is such a fun time isn’t it? The holiday cheer, family traditions, hot cocoa – it’s all just. so. darn. awesome! And what better time to celebrate baby than with a winter theme baby shower! If you are planning for a winter theme baby shower for this winter, or next, or just want some creative inspiration… you’ve come to the perfect place.

Here are 6 winter theme baby shower ideas that you’ll love!

1. A Feature table that pops

Decorated by  @aonedesigncompany
Decorated by @aonedesigncompany

How beautiful is this feature table! The symmetry really stands out to me! The two balloon pillars on each side, the 2 reindeer, 2 snowflakes…. this is heavenly! Having a feature table can be a staple to your winter theme baby shower!

Now here is another feature table that is simple but can still be very grand in it’s own way! A simple cake with cookies and beautiful flowers! The open space is very welcoming and inviting. The gold accent lights and hues of pink keeps that winter theme baby shower alive!

If you prefer a more simpler look – I think you’d love something like this!

Pic via Pinterest
Pic via Pinterest
cred:  100 layer cake-let
cred: 100 layer cake-let

2. A Decorated Arch

100 layer cake-let
100 layer cake-let

Having a beautiful arch over the center table can be a super eye catching piece to your winter theme baby shower! Use ornaments to decorate the arch and choose colors that can mirror and beautify your winter theme baby shower colors. May I suggest mints, whites, and pops of pink?

winter theme baby showers
wonderland party.jpg

3. Did someone say hot cocoa?

That’s right. Want to throw a great winter theme baby shower – then hot cocoa is the way to go! Setup a beverage table for coffee and hot cocoa! Hang some marshmallows as decorations, and print/cut out cute labels to hot glue on everything. Simple but super fun!

Cred:  Ruffled
Cred: Ruffled
Cred:  Delish
Cred: Delish
Cred:  100layercakelet
Cred: 100layercakelet

Like the idea of hot cocoa – but want a different twist? Give it as a party gift! Thank you “snow” much for coming!

cred:  Mommy Baby Buzz
cred: Mommy Baby Buzz

4. Don’t be afraid to be a bit more playful with the winter baby shower theme

So, if you are planning your winter theme baby shower and want to really go for it – then you should – don’t be afraid! That means, penguins, polar bears, and more!

Via:  Instagram
Via: Instagram
cred:  House of Hood Blog
cred: House of Hood Blog
Cred:  House of Hood Blog
Cred: House of Hood Blog
baby shower1.jpg

5. Creating a magical winter theme baby shower can mean simplicity

Cred:  Mini Style Mag
Cred: Mini Style Mag

Sometimes, having one simple yet strong piece can set the vibe for your winter theme baby shower. Do you feel pressure to have an overly decorated baby shower but really want a simple one? Totally get it! Try a more simple look and feel, which can sometimes say way more! For your winter theme baby shower – you can create a snowflake chandelier if you are more about having less. Check out Indie Crafts if you want to learn how to make one.

sterling social.jpg


A winter theme baby shower doesn’t mean you have to lose all the summer vibes, does it? If it’s winter time but you just LOVE the summer feels, then don’t be afraid to include pops of summer gold!

Take a look:

100 layer cake-let
100 layer cake-let

Having a confetti’d table keeps the winter theme baby shower alive. But throwing in pops of summer gold with those pineapple decorations definitely puts a twist to winter by giving it some summer island accents!

Cred: 100layercakelet
Cred: 100layercakelet

Oh! And just in case you didn’t know!

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