81/100 / #inktober day 20. #foxglove …one other scary one. In the present day I additionally used p…

81/100 / #inktober day 20. ✒🌸 #foxglove …one other scary one. 😊🌸 In the present day I additionally used pencil for the background flowers. However yesterday you gave me a plenty of different sensible concepts to unravel the background concern, in order that what’s within the background will stay there visually with out competing with the primary object.
So listed below are these concepts:
– to make use of kind of shading on the background or foreground, in order that just one might be evidenced. (Although we agreed that shading an excessive amount of can have an effect on the small print. Too much less shading or no shading in any respect might consequence an unfinished look. … however I’ve to attempt.)
– to make use of ink with water… possibly watercolour would do the identical (?)
– I’ve additionally discovered that gray fineliners exist (gentle and darkish gery). Uni Pin was really useful. … I’ve additionally discovered sepia fineliners. 😍
– and naturally to make use of pencil for the background objects. I solely dislike the factor that the pencil is so smudgy… and fixing it might have an effect on the ink? (I’ve to attempt.) Although I like the truth that the pencil means that you can play with the stress so properly. 😊🌸

Lots to check out and experiment! ✨
Every other concepts?

Thanks all in your useful and significant feedback! It’s so superb to be part of an awesome group like this with so many proficient and sort folks able to share their experiences and data. ❤❤❤

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